RAMANUJ Industries was incorporated in the year 1960 to manufacture quality components for Electrical Control Panels, Distribution Boards and Busbar supports. Innovation, Quality and price competitiveness are our key strengths and core values. The company produces a diverse range of products, in effect providing solutions to our customers both in India and overseas. Our range includes Stand Off Insulators and Busbar Supports in DMC, SMC and Polyamide alongwith Epoxy HT,MV Insulators and Transformer Bushings. We also manufacture a wide range of precision-built CT/PTs (Current and Potential Transformers) We manufacture CTs in Resin Cast, Tape Wound and Molded Case with different Burden, Ratios and Insulation Class.

Design and innovation happens through careful understanding of the customer requirements. We are constantly developing new products to fill the gap that exists between customer needs and the current market.

Quality has always been the hallmark of every RAMANUJ product. Innovative product design matched with a streamlined manufacturing process, comprehensive testing and the best technology, result in a world class product that has gained the trust and loyalty of the customer over the past 59 years. Our products have been further certified and validated by multiple tests at independent leading laboratories such as ERDA and CPRI. We also have our own in-house compounding and raw material formulations that have been optimized by critical in-house testing and standardized for consistent quality and reliability and conform to international standards.

We strive to deliver solutions and not just products. This approach helps us in fulfilling some part of the social responsibility that we all have towards building our nation. Our customers are our partners, and in their success lies ours.

Our Products

we have a wide range of distribution board and control panel components. Our range includes standoff insulators, busbar supports, Three phase connectors in DMC,SMC & Polyamide. HT insulators, HV , LV bushings in epoxy, Neutral links, neutral bars, PVC heatshrinkable sleaves, LT Current transformers, HT metering and protection Current transformers.