Sunday, October 20th, 2019
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Who We Are

Ramanuj Industries has been active in the polymer-moulded components for control panels industry for almost two decades with a loyal clientele in both Indian and International markets. We provide a diverse range of solutions for our customers, which include Insulators (Standoff and M.V. Epoxy insulators), Busbar Supports (Moulded in DMC / SMC), Transformers Bushings, Zinc die-cast Panel Locks, Hinges, Brass Terminal Bars and a variety of Terminal Connectors and Heat-Shrinkable PVC Sleeves.

At Ramanuj Industries, we are in the business of providing solutions for our clients. Based on individual customer need, we use our resources to provide quality products, and develop new products to fill gaps in existing and new customer needs. As a customer-centric company, we ensure that all our products satisfy the purpose of application while meeting the goals of convenience, reliability, safety and economy. To this end, we have robust design and tool development capabilities and corresponding infrastructure to enable quick turnaround for large quantities.

Our design philosophy actively involves our customers, and we repeatedly seek customer feedback on design, utility and quality through all stages of product development. We encourage our customers to be discerning and demanding to ensure that the end-product meets the highest standards of utility and quality. It is our experience that this close interaction with the customer is often pivotal in identifying latent customer needs, and developing high-utility products.

To support the company’s mission statement of providing solutions, we have an efficient production infrastructure of industry knowledge, motivated employees and manufacturing equipment. We do our in-house compounding. Raw material formulations are optimized by critical in-house testing, and standardized for consistent quality and reliability. In addition to the required production equipment, we have a complete on-site testing laboratory and our manufacturing processes incorporate multiple levels of in-house testing to monitor production, and to ensure conformity to stated product standards. The quality of our products has been further validated by multiple tests at independent laboratories.

At Ramanuj Industries, we strive to deliver solutions with consistent quality and continuity. We believe this is our social responsibility, and intrinsic to building trust.