Tuesday, July 23rd, 2019
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  Epoxy Insulators and Bushings

Epoxy Insulators and Bushings

We have an epoxy moulding plant in Noida, UP using Air Pressure Gelation System (APG). We manufacture standoff Insulators and Bushings moulded with Copper strips. In addition, we have advanced tool development facilities, and offer prompt production of custom insulators and bushing for specific requirement. Our product range includes HT Insulators as under:

11KV Insulator:
Dia-61mm x Ht-130mm (standard)
Dia-61mm x Ht-130mm (economy)
Dia-75mm x Ht-130mm.

22KV Insulator:
Dia-70mm x Ht-210mm

33KV Insulator:
Dia-80mm x Ht-300mm

For more details, please refer to our brochure.