Friday, December 13th, 2019
    Stand off Insulators
    Single Pole Support
    Finger Type Support
    Horizontal Support
    TPN Support
    •Grip Type Support
      ·Single Pole Grip Type Supports
      ·Three Pole Grip Type Supports
      ·Four Pole Grip Type Supports
    •HT Support
      ·High Tension Post Type
      ·Epoxy Resin Cast
    L.T. Current Transformers
    L.T. Epoxy Resin Cast Type
    ABS Enclosure Ring Type
    Tape-Wound L.T. CTs
    LV & HV Bushings
  Heat Shrinkable Sleeve
    For LT & HT Application
  Epoxy Insulators and Bushings

INSULATORS: We have developed wide range of Insulators and Bushings moulded in DMC / SMC / EPOXY for various applications specially designed to create convenience of use and meet the exact size requirement even with such small variation in height as 5 Mm. This will help the user to select exact size of height and suitable width requirement. The inserts moulded in these Insulators have been carefully designed to match the commercially available length of bolts to provide proper grip and avoid use of space filling washers. The inserts are having deep thread with adequate pitch to hold strongly the securing bolt. This has given to our Insulators commendable cantilever strength.

Material of these insulators is made from carefully selected raw materials to give high electrical and mechanical values / strength after moulding. These are available in Brown, Red and White color to match aesthetics of equipment in which to be used.

SHAPES: These are available in various shapes and height like Conical, Drum, Hex, Cylindrical, Flat type etc., Height ranges from 15 MM to 320 MM. Suitable for use in Control Panels & Switchgears.

M/F BUSHINGS: there are in two parts for securing to cover plate of equipment and allow the live stud to pass through. These bushings are also made with Brass Studs moulded in lower part. These are available for L.T. & H.T. use. Bushings are also made suitable for use in oil. Available up to 11 kV working Voltage.

Product are also developed to suit the specific requirement of OEM's.

THREE PHASE CONNECTORS IN DMC WITH VERTICALLY MOULDED BOLTS: These are multipurpose products to mount incoming and outgoing connections. These are available in 3-Phase and 3-Phase with Neutral pattern. These have captured the attention of large section of Panel Board Builders and Generator Manufacturers (for use as Terminal Plates).