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   April 10, 2009
   New Epoxy Insulators and Bushings


Company Profile

Ramanuj Industries has been active in the polymer-moulded components for control panels industry for almost two decades with a loyal clientele in both Indian and International markets. We provide a diverse range of solutions for our customers, which include Insulators (Standoff and M.V. Epoxy insulators), Busbar Supports (Moulded in DMC / SMC), Transformers Bushings, Zinc die-cast Panel Locks, Hinges, Brass Terminal Bars and a variety of Terminal Connectors and Heat-Shrinkable PVC Sleeves.


Product Profile

INSULATORS: We have developed wide range of Insulators and Bushings moulded in DMC / SMC / EPOXY for various applications specially designed to create convenience of use and meet the exact size requirement even with such small variation in height as 5 Mm. This will help the user to select exact size of height and suitable width requirement. The inserts moulded in these Insulators have been carefully designed to match the commercially available length of bolts to provide proper grip and avoid use of space filling washers. The inserts are having deep thread with adequate pitch to hold strongly the securing bolt. This has given to our Insulators commendable cantilever strength.

Material of these insulators is made from carefully selected raw materials to give high electrical and mechanical values / strength after moulding. These are available in Brown, Red and White color to match aesthetics of equipment in which to be used.